As we transition from learning about the Imperialistic United States to the beginnings of World War I, it is vital that everyone has an understanding of what is going on in Europe at this time. In order to do so, each group (we determined these in class on Monday) will be responsible for describing the background and major events pertinent to your assigned country to the remainder of the class on Friday. Your countries are as follows:

Group 1: Austrian-Hungary

Group 2: Germany

Group 3: Italy

Group 4: Russia

Group 5: Great Britain

Group 6: France

Use your textbook as your first resource. Then find books, websites, and even documentaries that can help give you background. When you decide to how to present your findings, BE CREATIVE. While I am not particular about what means you use, I challenge you to use something other than PowerPoint or Prezi. You can use tools like Photostory, Audacity, Video Editor, Glogster, or anything else approved by me. You must use at least ONE digital tool in your presentation. If you need help thinking of something ask me! I need to know what you will be doing by Wednesday. Each member of your group must participate in the presentation.

I realize that as you work on this, you will not be able to complete this whole project in class. I have included a discussion board located in the forum in which you can create a thread for your group to communicate in. This way, I can see your collaboration and give you feedback if necessary. Feel free to ask any questions here as well! The forum can be accessed here.

Again, we will be presenting your countries on Friday, November 20th. You are responsible for teaching the class your content. It will be on the test!

Here are a few links that may help kickstart the research process: